LGV Training Essex

If you are looking for LGV training in Essex, you have come to the right place. Large goods vehicles are one of the most in demand transport vehicles in the world and as such, licensing is of vital importance.

LGVs not only carry large goods but also sensitive goods like machineries and dangerous materials and as such, accreditation is of utmost importance. Sigma studies provide you with the best LGV training facility in Essex.

LGV Training Essex

LGV Driver Training Course in Essex

We have a complete course based training that chalks up all the right lectures in the classroom before putting you behind the wheel of a large transport vehicle.

Sigma Studies have over 25 years of experience in this and as such are the premier LGV training facility in Essex. Our reputation is one based on excellence through years of competent service delivery and you can be sure to rely on us for all your LGV training needs.

Comprehensive Training and Accreditations for LGV & Heavy Vehicles

We are proud to offer a comprehensive service consisting of:

The aforementioned services are an integral part of LGV driver training not just in Essex but UK wide. Our courses are comprehensive in nature and cover all bases from basic driving tuition to the transportation of dangerous goods and emergency handling procedures while transporting large goods including that of dangerous and hazardous materials.

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LGV Training Essex
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