First Aid

To comply with the First Aid Regulations we have set up the courses below:

  • Emergency Aid (Appointed Person)
    This 1-day course enables a person to become the appointed person within their company.
  • First Aid at Work
    This 3-day course will enable a person to become a certificated first aider.

First Aid

Health & Safety at Work is a big subject at present in all industries and the table below details the needs for first aiders within a company:

Category of Risk Numbers employed at any location Suggested number of First Aid personnel
Lower Fewer than 25 At least 1 Appointed Person**
e.g. Shops, offices and libraries 25 – 50 At least 1 Emergency First Aider (1-day EFAW)
More than 50 1 First Aider (FAW) At least one per100 employees or part thereof
Higher Fewer than 5 At least 1 Appointed Person**
e.g. Light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufacture, work involving special hazards* such as hydrofluoric acid or confined spaces. Fewer than 25 At least 1 Appointed Person**
 More than 50 1 First Aider (FAW) At least one for every 50 employees or part thereof
Ensure any injuries and illness that might occur can be dealt with by the First Aid personnel you provide

**Where First Aiders are shown to be unnecessary, there is still a possibility of an accident or sudden illness, so you should consider providing qualified First Aiders.

**Additional training may be needed for First Aiders to deal with injuries resulting from special hazards.

**The type of injuries that might arise in working with those hazards identified will influence whether the First Aider should be trained in FAW or EFAW.

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