Initial Driver CPC: Demonstration

The Vehicle Safety Demonstration Test is the fourth and final step in gaining the Initial Driver CPC Qualification so that you can go on to drive a lorry, bus or coach for professional reasons.

The Initial Driver CPC demonstration test involves a candidate demonstrating their knowledge and ability in the following areas:

  • loading a vehicle, paying attention to safety rules and using the vehicle properly.
  • security of both a vehicle and its load (contents).
  • preventing criminality and in particular, the trafficking of illegal immigrants.
  • assessing emergency situations.
  • preventing physical risk.
  • carrying out a vehicle walk-round check.

step 4 demonstration

Vehicle Safety Demonstration Tests use the test vehicle that the candidate arrives in. This vehicle does not necessarily need to be the actual vehicle used for the driving test although still needs to be the same category of vehicle i.e LGV or PCV.

The Demonstration test also take advantage of a piece of equipment that is known as a Load Securing Demonstration Trolley (LSDT). The LSDT is what is used by a candidate to demonstrate securing a load choosing the right piece of securing equipment to do so.

 Once you have passed the Vehicle Safety Demonstration Test as well the Theory Test, Case Studies and the Practical Driving Test, you will gain your Initial Driver CPC Qualification and receive a Qualification Card. This card enables a driver to drive professionally.

Once the Initial Driver CPC Qualification has been gained, drivers need to ‘keep up’ the qualification through Driver CPC Periodic Training.

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Before the Vehicle Safety Demonstration test can be taken to fully obtain the Initial Driver CPC Qualification, the Module 2 Driver CPC Case Study must be passed.

For more information about the Initial Driver CPC demonstration, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or alternatively download the Initial Driver CPC Qualification Leaflet.