Initial Driver CPC: Driving Test

The aim of the practical driving test is to assess the driving ability of the driver using a variety of traffic conditions and road types. It is carried out using a test vehicle, usually the vehicle you have been training in, and take around an hour and a half (1hr 30 mins) including at least an hour’s worth of driving.

The practical Initial Driver CPC driving test is made up of different elements:

Reversing Exercise

The next stage of the practical test is the reversing exercise. This is carried out on the test centre premises off-road and assesses the ability of the driver to reverse and manoeuvre the vehicle safety and efficiently around set cones up to a barrier.

On-road Assessment
The main part of the Driving Test is the on-road assessment. This involves the candidates driving on public roads for at least one hour using a variety of roads including motorways. The examiner will also take eco-safe into consideration.

Also included in the assessment is 10 minutes of independent driving which assesses the ability of the candidate to drive without guidance.

step 3 driving test
After you have passed your Practical Driving Test, the examiner will write out and give you a pass certificate. They will then ask if you if you wish for them to send your licence off. You should do this as you then get to keep your certificate rather than having to send it off later on.

In about 7 – 10 working days, you will then receive your new Photocard Driving Licence enabling you to drive the vehicle you took your test for.

Be aware that you cannot drive professionally until you have completed the Initial Driver CPC Qualification.

Candidates will gain a refreshed knowledge on the regulations and legislation, as well as an understanding of their obligations.

Candidates will receive a full set of notes which will be useful when running the business.

On completion of the course, candidates will receive a certificate of attendance. The course can count 7 hours towards the Driver CPC however this must be requested.

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Initial Driver CPC Step 3 Driving Test


Before the LGV or PCV practical driving test can be taken, the corresponding Theory Test must be passed. This applies whether you wish to drive professionally or not.

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