Periodic Driver CPC: Courses

Pick’n’Mix 3.5hr Courses (Pick from any 2 courses)

The course reminds candidate on their obligation as professional drivers and having to know the regulations. The course will cover current EU Drivers’ Hours and Working Time Regulations as well as record keeping.

This course goes hand-in-hand with our Digital Tachograph Course.

With only an ever-growing number of digital tachograph units being used within the industry, this course shows drivers how to operate the units in line with their obligation as professionals.

This course goes hand-in-hand with our Drivers’ Hours, Records & Working Time Directive Course.

One of our favourite courses utilising open discussion within the classroom. Candidates will trained on how to operate vehicles in a manor which saves fuel. With this in mind, drivers will also be taught how to go about driving ‘defensively’ to minimise accident risk.
Drivers (and operators) need to ensure that the vehicles are in a roadworthy state before taking them on public roads. This course covers what to check and shows drivers the best way to do so.
Manual handling is not something we think about often. Whether it be through putting on loads or lifting suitcases on and off, driver’s back have to deal with alot of strain. This courses educates drivers on how to lift objects to minimise the risk of problems in later life.
Gravel flying off, scaffolding moving about? This course teaches drivers the importance of correctly securing a load to ensure that it cannot fly around during transit but perhaps more importantly, fly through the cab as a result of an accident.
This course give candidates the basic knowledge of first aid and how to deal with an emergency situtaion whether it be at the scene of an accident or on site.
Both LGV and PCV drivers have to deal with customers, whether it be with passengers or the people they are dropping a trailer off to. This course educates candidates in the best way to deal with those clients and what to happen in the time of a heated moments.

Single 7hr Courses

What it says on the tin. This course covers all aspects of health and safety in the transport industry including the vehicle itself and onsite.

Specialised Courses

The SAFED scheme was a specific and comprehensive course driving the vehicle, saving fuel and enhancing safety all in one. This is a practical course.
Specifically designed for the Traffic Commissioners requirements, this course is for Operators and CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) holders that wish to refresh their knowledge and become aware of the new legislation in being compliant inline with the Operator Licence regulations.

This course meets the Traffic Commissioners requirements if required through an undertaking.

Learn how to use a lorry mounted crane/loader and gain 7 hours Driver CPC too!!!
Need to transport hazardous goods? If you do, you may need an ADR Licence. Depending on what modules you take, or if your just refreshing your current licence, you can gain up to 28 hours worth of Driver CPC inclusive of the duration of the course.
All professional drivers who transport petroleum products in tankers need to be in possession of the PDP Qualification. While obtaining this qualification, drivers can also obtain up to 7hrs Driver CPC.
Drive It! Skid It! Roll It. Why not learn how and why a loaded tanker rolls when driving and what to do in the event of a skid. Then why not put this into a real situation in real vehicles. Then why not gain 7 hours Driver CPC as well!!!

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Sigma Studies Ltd. is 1 of 13 UK Approved Driver CPC Consortiums (checked July 13).

This means that not only can Sigma Studies offer you training at many different sites within the UK, but YOU can become a Driver CPC Trainer even if you do not have instructor experience. This means you can train your own company drivers and even other clients.

For more information, please see our Driver CPC Consortium Section.

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Periodic Driver CPC: Courses