IMDG Code training became mandatory from 1 January 2010 for all shore-side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea. Exis has developed a cost-effective training tool, in collaboration with the International Maritime Organisation, which enables shore side sectors to receive high quality training that complies with the IMDG Code training requirements.

Shore side staff requiring IMDG Code training include:

Shippers and forwarders, container packers and consolidators, shipping line operations and booking staff, stevedores and port staff.

There are four levels of Amendment 36-12 training and a specific Freight Forwarders course:

  • General Awareness Course
    For staff not directly involved in the day-to-day transport of dangerous goods by sea but who require an overview and familiarisation of the IMDG Code.
  • Function Specific Course
    Following the recommended training needs identified in of the IMDG Code, training courses are provided for staff that are directly involved in dangerous goods handling.
  • Advanced Course
    In-depth training on all aspects of the IMDG Code.
  • Freight Forwarders Course
    Specifically for people transporting dangerous goods within freight forwarding companies.
  • Refresher Course
    For those who require a refresh on the main IMDG Code provisions. Highlights the latest Amendment changes.

Additional modules that can be taken with any of the courses above:

  • 49 CFR Module: Looks at the additional requirements in 49 CFR when shipping into/from the USA under the IMDG Code provisions.
  • ADR Module: Looks at the additional provisions and/or variations applicable to the road legs of a combined road/sea journey.

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