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IMDG: General Awareness

Duration: e-learning
Price: £58.00 + VAT

£35.00* for access to IMDG
£20.00* for access to 49 CFR
£30.00* for access to ADR
*VAT is added where applicable

General Awareness training is for staff not directly involved in the day-to-day transport of dangerous goods by sea but who require an overview and familiarisation of the IMDG Code provisions.

Additional modules that can be taken with any of the courses above:

  • 49 CFR Module: Looks at the additional requirements in 49 CFR when shipping into/from the USA under the IMDG Code provisions.
  • ADR Module: Looks at the additional provisions and/or variations applicable to the road legs of a combined road/sea journey.

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IMDG: General Awareness