IMDG: Freight Forwarder

Duration: e-learning
Price: £88.00 + VAT


£35.00* for access to IMDG
£20.00* for access to 49 CFR
£30.00* for access to ADR
*VAT is added where applicable

The Freight Forwarder course is specifically tailored to freight forwarders at a function specific level

As freight forwarders may have different roles this course identifies the main generic tasks and provides:

  • General awareness overview on classification provisions and the nine hazard classes.
  • Information on competent authority approvals and exemptions.
  • Detailed overview on labelling and marking provisions for packages and the placarding and marking provisions for CTUs.
  • General awareness overview on stowage requirements.
  • Detailed overview on segregation requirements.
  • General awareness overview on emergency response.
  • Information on use of and packing CTUs.

Additional modules that can be taken with any of the courses above:

  • 49 CFR Module: Looks at the additional requirements in 49 CFR when shipping into/from the USA under the IMDG Code provisions.
  • ADR Module: Looks at the additional provisions and/or variations applicable to the road legs of a combined road/sea journey.

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IMDG: Freight Forwarder