SAFED: Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving

Duration: 1 day (7hrs Driver CPC)
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The SAFED for HGVs programme is designed for vehicles specifically above 7.5 tonnes. HGV / LGV Vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes are eligible for the SAFED for Vans programme which focuses on training drivers of LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles).

What does Fuel Efficiency (SAFED) training involve?

SAFED driver training consists of a one day training course and can count for 7 hours towards the Driver CPC.

The programme, which includes practical assessments and theory papers, is based around the following main themes:

  • Accident prevention and reduction.
  • Fuel efficient driving.

Fuel Efficiency (SAFED)

Our SAFED-approved instructor will assess your driving performance before and after training. Driving sessions will be used to put the safe and fuel efficient driving techniques into practice.

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Fuel Efficiency (SAFED)