CPC holder’s attitude towards role proves costly

Deputy Traffic Commissioner says TM needs time away to recognise failings


Having the right knowledge is a key part of being a competent transport manager.

But it’s also vital to have the right attitude as well.

That’s the message Deputy Traffic Commissioner, Laura Thomas, promoted in a recent public inquiry case.

The transport manager had acted as a TM in name only. After DVSA visited the operator in September last year, the CPC holder said he’d not been to the premises since April 2018.

He did very little to manage the transport operation following the inspection.

He also thought that holding meetings about future compliance plans meant he was performing his TM duties.

Additionally, he ignored the fact that vehicles were operating on the road without brake tests being carried out.

By staying on as TM in name only, he made a “clearly unravelling operator” seem legitimate.

The Deputy Commissioner disqualified the transport manager from working in the industry. She said it was an issue of attitude more than knowledge. He needed time away from performing that role to contemplate what had happened.

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